Sacsayhuamán is one of the Inca constructions that most astonishes tourists who, according to new hypotheses, point out that it would have been a very important ceremonial center and not a fortress.

Anyway, let’s see the traditional understanding about Sacsayhuaman. It would be a spectacular fortress built with huge carved rocks, united with absolute precision. Together with Machu Picchu and Choquequirao, it is undoubtedly one of the greatest architectural works of Tahuantinsuyo. But, in addition, it represents the undoubted constancy of the administrative capacity of the empire and its powerful logistical apparatus.

Its Quechua name means “hawk satisfied”. Therefore, it was the hawk that guarded the capital of the empire, because from the hill on which it was erected the whole city dominates. If, as is known, Cusco was designed in the shape of a lying puma, Sacsayhuamán would be its head, while the Koricancha would correspond to the feline’s genitals.

It is said that the work was initiated by Pachacútec and continued by Tupac Yupanqui, although some chroniclers point out that it was Huayna Cápac who gave the final touch. The Inca Garcilaso de la Vega tells that Apu Huallpa Rimachi was the principal architect and that Maricanhi, Acahuana Inca and Calla Cunchuy, took control of the works in succession.

Trip Summary


9am, or 2pm, we’ll pick our passengers up from their hotels, and then we’ll go to our ranch in Sacsayhuaman(10 minutes north of Cusco), there, our guide will give us the horse back riding instructions, then we’ll begin our tour, visiting the most important archaeological Inca sites close Cusco, like: Sacsayhuamán, kenko, Pucapucara, Tambomachay, after 3 hours riding, we’ll come back to Cusco.

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Travel Details

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Category: Cultural
  • Departures: Daily Departures at 9:00am

Photo Gallery Horse Riding Sacsayhuaman 1 Day


We begin the ride taking a visit the following archaeological sites; Q’enqoTemple of the MoonPuca Pucara and Tambomachay. After 03 hours riding the return begins to Sacsayhuaman by the sector known as Zone X. Return to the city of Cusco where the tour ends.

We have 2 daily shift , 9 am. or 2 pm.We will go to Sacsayhuaman located to the North of the city. There we Start the Riding, visiting the magnificent Q’enqo temple, Puca Pucara, and the temple of the water Tambomachay. We can also see a panoramic view of the city. then Return to Cusco.

Sacsayhuaman can be variously translated as ‘speckled falcon’ or ‘speckled head’. The last interpretation refers to the belief that the city of Cusco was set out in the form of a puma whose head was the hill of Sacsayhuaman. The origins are uncertain but the fortress is generally attributed to the period of Inca Pachacuti, the man who essentially founded the Inca empire.

Here is made the famous Inti Raymi or Festival of the Sun on June 24 of each year.

Just 200 meters from Sacsayhuaman is our next destination Q’enqo (Labyrinth or Zigzag) This is one of the finest examples of a rock artfully carved in situ showing complex patterns of steps, seats, geometric reliefs and a puma design. It was religious center dedicated to the worship of the Earth and, according to some theories, funerary rituals. Our next visit is Puca Pucara (Red Fort) was used as a center for military use and control, as well as a place where travelers may have lodged here with their goods and animals before entering or leaving Cusco.

Our last destination, is Tambomachay (Cavern Lodge) have played an important religious function linked to water and land regeneration. It is estimated that was built around 1500 AD. The site covers approximately one acre and the material used for its construction was limestone with polygonal style gear. It has the following sectors: industry sources at various levels with terraces at the base is a source of great size has two important channels ritual.

  • Professional tour guide
  • Saddle and safety helmets
  • Muleteer (goes to the care of horses)
  • Mineral water or natural water
  • Cookies, chocolate bar and fruit
  • Transport by private car
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  • Mochila pequeña con objetos personales
  • Cámara fotográfica
  • Agua Mineral
  • Bloqueador Solar

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