The beautiful and peaceful natural environment of the Cusco region, from ancestral times allowed to develop spiritual activities of the Mystic, Spiritual and Esoteric type, which are directed by Andean Sages who keep alive ceremonies and rituals of healing, relaxation and reunion with the mother nature (PACHA MAMA). Enjoy new experiences and a different way of doing tourism in the Andes and the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Trip Summary

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Our OFFERING ceremony to the PACHAMAMA will take place outside the city of Cusco, in the Archaeological Center of Moray or in any other place that is in contact with nature. However, we will have to burn the office in the house of the Andean priest or “Papacho”, so it is forbidden to burn products in archaeological centers, to avoid causing fire and other problems in nature.

The time of beginning of the ceremony depends on the programming of the participants or their availability of time. But, it can only be that way, if the ceremony takes place outside of Cusco, in the morning or in the afternoon and only until 2:00 in the afternoon, so, in the afternoon, strong winds in the countryside do not allow that the Chaman perform the ceremony correctly.

When leaving, we will go to the place where the following ceremonies will take place:

Flowering: Ceremony performed with different flowers and plants with energetic powers.

Offering: Ceremony that begins with a brief request of permission from the Shaman to Mother Nature.

The ceremony lasts between an hour and a half to two hours and to this, the transport time must be added, according to the agreed destination.

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